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The Wedding Plan

The Wedding Plan

Are you married? Did you have a big wedding? Did it cost thousands of dollars? If so, then you will easily relate to the following. If you're not married, you'll still appreciate the logic...

If you've fallen in love and you're going to have a wedding, then you need to plan for it. Let's say the big day is close to a year away. Will you wait until the 'month' before to arrange the church or hall, the invitations, the wedding party wardrobe, the flowers, the rings, the photographer, the reception room, the caterer, the dinner menu, the music, etc, etc? Likely not, because your 'instinct' understands this checklist will take considerable time and planning. You'll need to reserve the church or hall months in advance, since 'your' wedding will not be the only one performed at that locale. And all the other items require special care and attention, and input from friends, family, and the business professionals you'll hire to service all your needs, so this particular day will be the huge event you're expecting.

How's your instinct when it comes to finding a home? Are you currently doing things on your own, talking with REALTORS® from 'signs and ads', who are actually representing the Sellers of those properties, thinking this is the ideal way to purchase? Are you then hoping you can negotiate favourable terms, and everything will magically come together very quickly and smoothly? Does your instinct not ask, "Am I choosing the best and most reliable path?"

An Excellent Alternative

There's a better and more efficient way we'd like to share with you... Instead, we suggest you plan your purchase like a wedding, making sure you have all the details in place, and the proper guidance, to allow your dream to come true... You're now spending 'hundreds of thousands' of dollars for a place to call 'home', raise children, gather friends and family for special occasions, and that is a lifestyle and investment. Just like a wedding it needs delicate thought, discussion, planning, and time. You may have other decision-makers involved, and you will definitely need the assistance of multiple professionals to acquire your deal, such as; mortgage experts, insurance brokers, inspectors, and a lawyer. As well, your 'own' REALTOR® is essential to your success – one who will create a master plan, and will surely be the most valuable player on this team. Buyer Representation from a REALTOR® is critical these days, and there's no cost to you for this valuable service.

Figuring a few things out at the beginning of your venture will give you a huge advantage towards the winning offer down the road. Home listing programs, the MLS® system, agency, closing costs, agreements of purchase and sale details, mortgaging, and multiple offer situations, are just a few of the many things that should be discussed and tended to prior to searching for, and viewing properties. Understanding these items early in the process saves a lot of time later on, and is the convenient way to the deal you're seeking. Afterwards, when the right home surfaces, you'll have the utmost confidence negotiating the right price and terms.

We're here to alleviate your stress... Call us today and let's talk about your future. Find out if we're the right REALTORS® for you. It's free, easy, friendly, informative, and without pressure or obligation...

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