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84 Years Experience

Hi... I'm Lil

Hi, I'm Lil Wilkinson... I've lived in beautiful Barrie for most of my life, and have assisted Buyers and Sellers for over 50 years within the city, and the surrounding townships: Innisfil, Essa, Springwater, Oro, Tiny, and Tay. I've been a Broker for 44 of those years, am a 'Seniors Real Estate Specialist®', and I'm proud to be a past president of the 'Barrie and District Association of REALTORS® Inc.' - home of our MLS® System. My extensive involvement with the 'Association' has strengthened my expertise in the real estate market. I believe in providing modernized service with an old-fashioned quality, which combines today's technology for information gathering and processing, with the hustle and bustle and high-quality values of yesteryear. All in all, it's a winning combination I'd certainly like to share with you... I enjoy swimming, the great outdoors, and perfecting my gardening skills.

Hello... I'm Brian

Hello, I'm Brian E. Dunnett... The 'E' is for Edward, my grandfather's name, and I'm proud to have it. He was a great man. I'm originally from Richmond Hill, Ontario and moved to Barrie in November, 1989. I've been licensed since March, 1990, and have enjoyed 34 years thus far servicing Barrie and area. I possess a sincere interest and commitment to guide those with housing needs, and I'm quite attentive to the finer details of each and every transaction. When you're thinking 'Real Estate', remember my slogan, which goes with my name... "Bought!... Sold!... Brian, he done it". I've also acquired a computer-networking diploma, and various website skills, which have been valuable assets to support today's high standards for customer satisfaction, and communication, in the electronic world... I follow most sports, but prefer to play and watch 'golf'... I also like biking, and the challenge of checkers.

We've been together now for 31 years, and successful 'Real Estate' partners for 29, with over 84 years combined experience. We established our own independent brokerage office on May 1, 1999.

Raskel and Tippy

Our Two Boys!... That's Raskel on the left, and his brother Tippy on the right. They're about 12 now and are wonderful companions. They show us a lot of love, and we truly believe they appreciate the comfort we have given them. To us, pets are just like family.

Now that you know a little more about us, you might be wondering why we're not members of a recognizable, nationally franchised brokerage... Well, REALTORS® are actually entrepreneurs running their own small business, but are required to work under the 'umbrella' of a brokerage to remain licensed. This brokerage, whether big or small, and regardless of its 'name', offers you no 'direct' benefit. Instead, your benefit begins by selecting a REALTOR® who is trustworthy, offers comfort, and provides a service package that meets your needs. With this in mind, we like to start relationships, gain confidences, and then build alliances, so we can fulfill your dreams and expectations... Please continue for some positive tidbits.

For Sale Sign

Many Website Visits and Requests concerning 'Real Estate' are from curious people seeking answers about market prices, or the buying and selling transaction. With today's technology it's easy to acquire quality information, but it can also be overwhelming for a purchase or sale of this magnitude. Gaining the information is one thing, but putting the pieces together properly can be difficult. If you take a step back and visualize your path you can see there are many questions to answer, costs to ponder, options to consider, and a due process requiring time and focus. Help is close by though - these obstacles can be overturned.

Our 'Free Consultations' are respectful and enlightening. Past clients felt invigorated and enthused. Good communication is the cornerstone of any business relationship, and within a short period of friendly discussion, you'll be able to assess if our expertise and persona fit your needs and desires. And if you allow us to work on your behalf, then we'll provide realistic advice, personal attention, commitment, proper representation, and a pressure-free attitude. This is a wonderful recipe for success.

For a Truly Moving Experience

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