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Home Buyer Benefits

Buyer Benefits

Searching for MLS® Listings and properties within Barrie, Innisfil, Essa, Angus, Springwater, and Oro is a small part of the path to a successful purchase. The bigger part is preparation and confidence. There's a lot to think about and consider, and although you're excited, you can be left feeling stressed and frustrated as well. Expert guidance will help your cause, and understanding Buyer Representation will allow you to provide the winning offer when the right home surfaces.

Have you decided on your REALTOR® yet? How about 'interviewing' us for the job? Gain some insight into our experience and ideas. See if the comfort and trust we try to emit is actually felt. And, if we're likeable and knowledgeable as well, then this creates a winning formula for a purchase of this magnitude - something that is an investment, and perhaps a place to call 'home'. It's in your hands to make the right choices. Please call us soon and let's talk.

Our role in the buying process, and some 'Key Benefits' we offer, is summarized below... Past clients found this quite helpful.

Free Service - There is no cost to you for using our valuable service. We are compensated through the selling portion of the listing agreement with the Seller. We'll explain how it works.

Experience - You'll receive the benefit of 'two' REALTORS® with over 76 years combined experience. Our non-pressure approach starts with listening, continues with action, and leads to a triumphant purchase.

Personal Consultation - Our friendly persona makes a home purchase that much easier when we meet to discuss your situation. You'll leave feeling refreshed and invigorated about the buying process. We'll answer all your questions, and discuss your wants and needs for your deal; from style, to age, to location. We'll talk about getting pre-approved for a mortgage, and negotiating the winning offer on your future property. Our goal is to meet your dream.

Buyer Agency - We'll talk about representation. Most real estate transactions involve two REALTORS®; the one who represents the Seller and the one who represents the Buyer. It's essential to receive Buyer representation in a transaction of this magnitude. You'll want your interests protected and confidential information undisclosed.

Informative Reports - We provide easy to read reports outlining tips and strategies to ensure a successful purchase, and to help you pack your belongings safely. We also discuss the various costs you'll have with a handy net sheet.

Pre-Approval - Knowing what you can afford for a home is the logical first step in the buying process. You'll need to understand what a mortgage is, and the many options you have for paying it off. Locking in an interest rate is also a critical step to this process. Afterwards, you'll have the confidence to make a winning offer to a future Seller because your financing is in place. We have a mortgage specialist who can help.

Home Search - Now that you know how much you can afford, we're better suited to start searching for your next home. We'll listen carefully to your wants and needs and plug you in to our 'Spot On' Home Hunter. We'll create a list of opportunities for you within minutes. Every home will be available for viewing because the list is up to date. Having current information meeting your criteria will ease the search process. Have you ever called on a home from and found out it's already sold conditionally? Or perhaps called on an ad in the weekend newspaper only to find it failed to meet your needs, or it was sold just a few days before? How about calling on a 'For Sale' sign or walking into an 'Open House' where the listing price was too high? We'll streamline the search, and also instruct the system to email you 'Hot New Listings' as they hit the market. This will give you an edge over other Buyers and we'll be able to see the homes first, and negotiate the best possible deal.

Choose the Homes - Now that you have a list of opportunities, you can select which homes you'd like to see. This way we'll only view properties that interest you. We'll create a tour from your choices and make all the appointments for them.

Pros and Cons - As we view each home you'll get a feel for what you like and dislike, and where the best deal is for the money. We'll help by providing pros and cons for each property so you can reach an easier decision.

Competent Advice - We'll inform you about any noticeable structural problems, well and septic concerns if applicable, and any other details that may arise as we proceed.

Reverse Analysis - Once you select a home to make an offer on we'll conduct a market analysis based on the home's features. Finding comparable properties that have recently sold will give you sound evidence for a price to initially offer the Seller.

Offer Preparation - We tailor the 'Agreement of Purchase and Sale' with clauses and terms suiting your needs, and protect you with sufficient timeframes to meet any conditions you may have. We'll review the offer so you have a clear understanding.

Negotiations - We'll fully discuss buying strategies. You'd like the best price and terms for your deal and our experience will guide you to a winning offer.

Fulfilling Conditions - Now that you have an accepted offer it's time to fulfill any conditions. We'll suggest other professionals you may need; like home inspectors, and work hand-in-hand so we can reach a firm deal.

Up to Closing - We help fulfill any other obligations in the offer that are not conditions, e.g. - obtaining city permits, surveys, etc. We'll also recommend a lawyer and deliver a copy of your offer. They'll ensure you can purchase your home with clear title, and all the numbers add up correctly. We'll help with any potential problems that may arise so your moving day is hassle-free.

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