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Seniors... Is it time for a change of course, or a change of scenery? This page is just for you.

You may have built up years of great memories in your current home, but perhaps it's time to move on. There are many reasons why you might consider a new locale. Past seniors have sold and moved to their cottage, downsized to an apartment, or moved in with relatives. Others have found a retirement complex close by, or sometimes out of province, or even out of country. Perhaps you have concerns about falls and accessibility issues where you currently are. You might have medical needs, or need help with daily living. Maybe you feel isolated, lonely, or require more social interaction with others. And, it could be that the overall cost and burden of maintaining a home and property is a bit too much now. Selling your principal residence and extracting any equity can help support your future.

Did you know that Lil Wilkinson has her 'SRES' designation? That stands for 'Seniors Real Estate Specialist'. That's right, an extra special service over and above the comfort, trust, and honesty we already try to emit. We understand that the real estate transaction is a complex issue, and it may seem complicated if you haven't been involved in one for a number of years. So, we're here with guidance and support. Full communication, planning, and timing, are key elements to your success. And, involving all decision makers, family members, and others, to arrive at sound choices, is critical to your well-being.

We've helped many other seniors, and we can assist you too. We'll make your transition very smooth. Fill in your information below, and we'll reach out. Or, give us a call at 705-722-5705 to set up a friendly chat.

Big journeys start with a single step. Connect with us today!

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