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Moving Tips

Moving Tips

Send change of address to...

  • Post Office
  • Family and friends
  • Subscriptions to magazines
  • Charge Accounts and Credit Cards
  • Insurance: life, health, fire and auto
  • Any home deliveries: laundry, newspapers, groceries, etc.
  • Health: medical, dental, pharmacy, health card, child registration
  • Church, Clubs, Organizations, Charity Groups, Membership groups, etc.
  • Bureau of Vehicle Registration and Motor Club
  • Federal family allowance, and other applicable government related departments


  • Utilities: gas, hydro, water, fuel, and telephone when to discontinue service. Arrange for refund of any deposits if applicable.
  • Arrange to have cable T.V., satellite dish, or aerial disconnected.
  • Make arrangements well in advance for all services at your new home. Remember, telephone and cable connection takes time.
  • Ask school authorities to forward your children's school records to their new school.
  • Veterinarian: Transfer records and change license tags on your pet.
  • Arrange to transfer your bank account to your new location.


  • Check your "Offer to Purchase" and make sure you understand which "chattels" are staying, and which "fixtures" are going - if in doubt, ask your REALTOR®.
  • If you need to store your goods for a length of time make sure to check the facilities for space, security and water tightness.
  • Gather boxes from local stores, friends or moving companies.
  • Your containers should be sturdy and have some kind of lid.
  • Start packing well in advance to ease the last minute packing rush.
  • Arrange to have all items being cleaned, repaired, or stored, returned to you.
  • Dispose of old obsolete articles that you no longer require. Perhaps a Garage Sale.
  • Keep your boxes taped or tied securely, and less than 50 lbs.
  • Identify cartons with the room they came from for ease in unpacking.
  • Add a "fragile" sticker to cartons that contain delicate material.
  • Avoid packing heavy articles on top of light ones, like shoes.
  • Pack china with the heavy items at the bottom and flatware on edge.
  • Newsprint is fine for cups/saucers, but the ink could stain other items.
  • CD's, DVD's, phonograph records, and books, should be packed on edge.
  • Wrap small appliances in soft material to avoid scratches.
  • Small items, trinkets, and ornaments, can be placed inside slightly larger boxes and taped before going into a main carton.
  • Protect and tape the glass in small mirrors and pictures.
  • Large mirrors, glass tabletops, and valued paintings and pictures, should be properly crated and sealed.
  • Pack lampshades by themselves handling the frame only.
  • Avoid overloading drawers when packing items in dressers.
  • Pack foldable clothes in suitcases to save space and tie hangers together.
  • Liquids in bottles should have all tops securely fastened. Try to avoid moving ink.
  • Pack medicines, cleaning solutions, or polishes separate from your groceries.
  • Make sure to roll rugs correctly and tape.
  • Consider cleaning drapery so they're fresh for your new home.
  • Tie brooms, mop handles, and curtain rods in bundles.
  • Towels, pillows, and blankets are great supporters between furniture.
  • Stereo, television, and computer equipment are delicate. Pack items in strong boxes and move separately.
  • Dispose of oily mops or rags.
  • Lathes, saws, grinders, etc. should be dismantled for safe transport.
  • Outboard motors and lawn mowers should be drained of fuel and oil.
  • Dispose of all flammables - such as matches, lighter fluids and gasoline, at a hazardous waste depot.
  • Tie rakes and shovels in bundles.
  • Clean and defrost the fridge and freezer, and clean the stove.
  • Do not leave loose trays in the fridge or stove.
  • You may wish to disconnect washers and dryers and have them serviced.
  • Plants and pets should be moved separately and carefully from the other goods.

You may wish to hire a moving company to aid your move instead of packing yourself. In that case, make sure to get at least two quotes in writing from reputable companies, including applicable taxes. Ask about insurance coverage, long distance rates, and a full explanation of what their service provides, e.g. setting up of beds, packing of garage material, etc.

On Moving Day...

  • Double check your attic, basement, and garage for forgotten articles.
  • Be a good neighbour and clean and vacuum the house before you leave.
  • As a courtesy, leave any manuals behind for any appliances staying with the home, leave garage door opener code & remotes, and the mailbox number & location, if applicable.
  • Take any garbage to the curb, or bundle neatly for disposal.
  • Lock the doors and leave all keys with your lawyer or REALTOR® for pickup.
  • Carry all currency, jewellery, and valuable papers with you.
  • If you are moving to a new home in a new subdivision, check that the road and your driveway are accessible to your van.
  • Consider ordering in when it comes to mealtime or pick up something on the way.
  • Have fun! This should be an exciting venture for you.
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