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4 Industry Myths

4 Industry Myths

If you're considering selling your home or investment property, then you'll also be assessing which brokerage to hire. We truly believe that comfort and trust are key components to the Seller-REALTOR® relationship. This provides the stress free journey towards the best deal for you. Other factors come into play when marketing your home, and as a Seller you're definitely going to be wondering about them. Compare these common 'Myths' to 'Reality' to reach a knowledgeable decision...

Myth 1:

Members of bigger, nationally, franchised brokerages are the best 'negotiators' and the most experienced REALTORS®.

Reality 1:

Large brokerages have their fair share of 'both' experienced REALTORS® and new members fresh out of school. This is one reason why their membership is as high as it is. If you call a large brokerage and request a REALTOR® to come and list your home, the Owner of the brokerage sends the next REALTOR® on the rotational list of opportunities. There is no guarantee this member will be an experienced negotiator. Here at "Lil Wilkinson Realty" we have over 76 years of combined experience.

Myth 2:

The more Salespeople a brokerage has the more effective it is in selling your home.

Reality 2:

Normally, you will have one Representative who is helping you sell your property, or perhaps two if it's a partnership (like here at "Lil Wilkinson Realty"). All the other members of the brokerage will have no direct interest in your home unless they have a prospective Buyer. And they'll find your home via the MLS® system not because a colleague has you listed underneath the brokerage's name. It's the Owner(s) of the brokerage who benefit from having an increased number of Sales Representatives because they'll make more money in the long run. Company 'size' has no direct benefit to 'you'.

Myth 3:

Your brokerage must have the biggest, boldest, and the most intense advertising to be effective in selling your home.

Reality 3:

Institutional advertising might be good for the brokerage, but rarely benefits you directly. Your biggest exposure comes from your home being part of the local MLS® system where all properties are treated equally. Most homes sell with the aid of the MLS® system and usually involve two REALTORS®; the one who represents you, and the one who represents the Buyer. Only a small percentage of homes sell via open houses, newspaper and Internet advertising, and the brokerage 'For Sale' sign. Statistically, the advertising the brokerage provides on your behalf has minimal effect.

Myth 4:

You might hear... "Companies giving you a discount rate in the commission will give you discounted service because of it. So, they will not be as effective in selling your home as our bigger, nationally, franchised brokerage."

Reality 4:

Every brokerage has its own set of policies, including setting commission rates and the service you'll receive for it. You'll need to decide for yourself what your marketing beliefs are, and what level of service you desire. Here at "Lil Wilkinson Realty" we concentrate on what works, versus what 'might' work. We provide full MLS® service, and a variety of other "Seller Benefits" we encourage you to read through.

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