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3 Ways an Inspection
Helps You Sell

3 Inspection Ways

Like many homeowners, you might be hoping to capitalize and sell your house for a pretty penny. Who knows, maybe you’ll even make enough for the beach house you’ve been eyeing or for a long vacation getaway.

But first, you’ll need to get your home ready to sell. And getting a home inspection may be one of the best ways to do that.

Inspections can shed light on potential issues and help you make necessary repairs before listing your home. It might even help you fetch a higher asking price if the inspection shows that your home is in better condition than others in the area.

All in all, an inspection can:

1. Alert You to Issues Before Going Under Contract...

A home inspection can highlight issues that might concern potential Buyers. Pro Tip: You should fix any issues that pose a safety hazard. And your inspection report can serve as a repair guide before listing.

2. Gauge Your Pricing Expectations...

Inspections help you get a handle on what condition your home is in and what price it might fetch. Pro Tip: A clean inspection report, or proof of recent repairs, can help Buyers feel more confident in making an offer.

3. Prevent Closing Delays...

If issues crop up during the Buyer’s inspection, it could delay closing due to repairs or prolonged negotiations. The Buyer could even pull their offer altogether. Pro Tip: Fixing issues before listing the home can improve the outcome of your Buyer’s inspection. And that could mean less negotiation on the whole. Keep in mind that inspections come with an upfront fee, and you’ll be legally required to disclose any issues the inspector finds that are unsafe. However, we can discuss the inspection report to see how repairs could affect your home’s market value.

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