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DIY Doesn't Mean
'Doing It All Yourself'

DIY Projects

How handy would you say you are? Can you fix a leaking faucet or install a new backsplash? Do you own all the drills, power saws and sanders used by the pros?

It can be tempting to DIY it all - especially if you’re on a budget. After all, you can have an active role in improving your home, and save cash to put toward other things. Why wouldn’t you want to?

The truth is not all projects are suited for a DIYer - no matter how much of a ship shape expert you might be.

If you’re considering a few renovations, here’s when to put on your tool belt, and when you might want to call a pro:

In the Kitchen

You can probably replace a sink, reface your cabinets or install a new dishwasher. Want to move the sink or add recessed lighting? You’ll want a pro.

In the Bathroom

Installing new floor tiles, upgrading your toilet seat, or changing your showerhead, are all tasks you can do. If you want in-floor radiant heating, or to install a tub where there isn’t one, bring in the pro.

On the Exterior

Looking for more curb appeal with a new garden bed and a fresh coat of paint on your front door? No problem... Substantial upgrades like installing a skylight, repairing your roof, or repaving your driveway, are better suited for a professional.

Structural Changes

If you’re super handy, you can probably install drywall, or relocate a door. But if you’re changing an area that’s load-bearing? Definitely call a pro.

Remember, DIY doesn’t mean doing everything yourself. You’ll want to hire a professional for anything that requires specialized knowledge. There’s no shame in asking for help from an expert.

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