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How To Make Your Best Offer

How To Make Your Best Offer

Making the right offer is crucial when you have your eye on a home.

Offer too little, and you may get passed over for the next Buyer. Offer too much, and you may need to re-evaluate your budget for furnishings or upgrades. This can be one of the most challenging parts of buying a new property.

Want to make sure you have a strong offer at a price you can afford? Here’s when you might offer above, below, and at, the listing price.

At List Price

A home that's within your budget, move-in ready, and comes with all the amenities you want, could be worth an offer at the listing price. But you'll want to make sure there's not much competition for the property.

Below List Price

Does the home need serious work? If so, you may want to offer below the listing price. In this case, bidding less money could free up cash for future repairs and necessary upgrades. You can also try a lower offer if there are tons of homes listed in your area - but little demand for them. Get in touch to learn about the properties for sale in your desired neighbourhood.

Above List Price

You may want to go beyond the listing price if you're in a particularly active market, or you know you're up against several Buyers. Together, we can determine what other homes in the area are going for, and we'll make sure your best offer aligns with those bids.

Ready for a new home - and don't want to overspend? Reach out today, and we can begin looking for a property that's perfect for you, and your family.

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