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4 Tips for Decorating a Small Space

4 Tips for Small Space

Whether it’s a cramped bedroom or an office nook, many homes have a small room that’s difficult to decorate.

Do you wish you could add more charm without foregoing square footage? Well, just because your space is limited, it doesn’t mean your style has to be.

Try these 4 tips to create a usable and trendy space

1. Create a focal point

Designing without a focal point can make your space look cluttered. Instead, arrange a single, standout feature at the centre of the room. Organize a gallery wall with several of your favourite photos or hang one attention-grabbing piece of art.

2. Take decor to the top

If your home lacks high ceilings, use tall floor lamps and curtains to elongate your walls. You can further give the illusion of height by installing vertical shelves closer to the ceiling instead of at eye level.

3. Make it bright

Bring in natural light by hanging sheer window curtains. You can also add a mirror to the wall opposite a window to reflect light. But if your small space doesn’t have windows, consider these ideas to illuminate it:

  • Overhead lighting, such as bright bulbs in ceiling fixtures
  • Diffused lighting, like opaque glass or shaded floor lamps
  • Task lighting, including desk or reading lights

Arrange multiple levels of lighting so your gaze moves to various areas of the space, which can make it feel larger.

4. Add decorative storage

When a room is full of stuff, it tends to feel smaller. Use your walls for storage by installing hooks or racks to give your items a rightful place.

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