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1st Things First

1st Things First

Thinking of selling your home? If so, that places you within one of two categories... Since you still need an accommodation of some kind, you are either; planning on buying another home, or perhaps you are downsizing to an apartment, going to live with relatives, or something similar...

If you decide to purchase another property then it just seems natural to search for it right away. You'd probably like to know where you're going to give you the enthusiasm and excitement of a fresh new start. However, you must remember that you still have a home to sell, and that should be blended comfortably with your purchase because you'd probably like to close each deal on the same day.

You may find yourself in a situation that is fairly common with homeowners. Do you sell first? Or do you buy first? If you sell first and you are not choosey about your next home then this could work out fine for you since you could probably find something suitable and still match closing dates. If however, you're a little particular about your next property then you may not want to sell first since you will have the fear of not knowing where you are going afterwards. It might make sense to buy first in this case, but this may put you at a disadvantage in the marketplace if your current home is not ready for sale. You will probably be making an offer on the new home conditional on your home selling, and if it's not ready to sell then you will only delay the process, and you may lose the house you love to another Buyer. Unless of course, you can afford to own two houses at once. Unfortunately, many people cannot.

Preparation is the Key

As you can see, your dreams can be fulfilled with the proper preparation. You need to sell your home with either scenario and knowing what it's worth, how much you can afford for the next home, and preparing your current home for future prospective Buyers are all critical steps. A proper home evaluation, a visit to your mortgage specialist, and some time and effort for home "dressing", is where you need to start. Many homeowners today have a private list of "fix ups" that are ongoing. Some houses need more work than others. It's certainly in your best interest to invitingly prepare your home for sale so you can impress a willing Buyer to give you the highest and best price you can get for the market.

A home in a good state of repair, that shows well, and is priced right will lead to a quicker sale for you. And when you have a conditional offer on your home selling, then that is exactly what you want... a quick sale. A good looking home makes it warm and inviting to a Buyer. They will picture themselves and their belongings in your home. Negatives will be reduced because your home looks cared for, and they will not instantly wonder about any other negatives they cannot see. Many Buyers purchase on emotion, so if you can create "curb appeal" and hold their interest all the way through the tour then they'll still feel enlightened afterwards, and you may get an offer sooner.

Obtaining the assistance of a professional REALTOR® from the outset is a critical step for a rewarding selling and buying experience. With a free consultation an action plan can be streamlined that will benefit you from start to finish. You need to blend two deals together comfortably. You'll require a proper evaluation for your home and a look at your costs to help determine your net numbers. From here, your mortgage specialist can assist you with the financing needed for your purchase. Find tips and ideas at "Dress Your House for Success", and with some time and effort you can get your home in selling shape. With these three things in order you've layed the groundwork for a successful transaction. At this point a home "search" begins, and when you find something suitable you'll be prepared for the winning offer.

Selling and Buying is a process that involves a lot of steps that takes time. Preparation and organization will fulfill dreams, not create disappointments. We're sure you'd like all the events leading up to your moving day to be as easy and as exciting as possible. It's in your hands to make the right choices to ensure that happens. Getting professional representation from a REALTOR® who will look out for your interests and lead you down the right path is where it all begins.

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