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5 Key Fixer Upper Tips

5 Key Fixer Upper Tips

In today’s busy market, many homebuyers have found themselves weighing options they would normally pass by.

One of the more common compromises is to consider a home that needs some work.

On the plus side, fixer uppers often come with lower prices, less competition, and a lower-pressure sale on the whole. Still, they’re not without challenges.

Are you considering a fixer upper? Here are five things to think about first.

1. You may need an alternative mortgage program

If you want to finance the home purchase, and the renovations and repairs the property needs, you may need to consider an alternative mortgage rather than a conventional one. Your loan officer can help you choose the best option for your situation.

2. There may be appraisal and inspection issues

If the home is in disrepair, you might face challenges with your inspection or appraisal. This is especially true if you’re using an insured loan, as properties must meet strict requirements with these programs.

3. You should have a backup living space

You might not want to end your lease or sell your existing home just yet. If the property needs serious repairs or renovations, you’ll probably need to live off-site until they’re complete.

4. You may want to bring a contractor along when you tour the home

This will help you gauge what repairs might be necessary, and how much they’ll likely cost.

5. Be prepared for problems below the surface

Not all issues will be visible in a fixer upper. There may be major problems lurking below the surface that won’t crop up until later - like mould or termites, for example. Make sure you leave wiggle room in your budget to account for these potential surprises.

Fixer Uppers are just one of the many options you have when buying a home. Do you have thoughts or comments, or need more help with your homebuying journey? Reach out today.

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