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Winter Home Maintenance

Winter Home Maintenance

Winter is fast approaching, and if you’re a homeowner, that means it's time to tackle key maintenance items - at least if you want to ensure a warm and comfortable season.

There are appliances to check, inspections to complete, and exterior tasks to do.

Are you ready for the incoming colder months? Want to make sure your home is too? Here are five steps to take for the winter days ahead.

Weatherproof your doors and windows

Cracks and gaps can let in cold air. Reseal old caulking and fill in any holes, splits, or openings you find.

Get a roof inspection

Replace any damaged or missing shingles. Also, make sure your roof is protected from leaks that could result in moisture, or mould-related problems.

Tend to your yard

Heavy storms can weigh down branches, causing them to fall on your roof or car. Check that all trees and foliage are cared for and well-trimmed.

Insulate your attic, pipes, and walls

Better insulation can mean lower energy bills and a more comfortable home. Take some time to evaluate yours, and consider adding extra if needed.

Check the water heater

Make sure your water heater is operating effectively and efficiently. You might also want to flush the system to remove any sediment that may be at the bottom of the tank.

Completing this winter home maintenance can set your family up for a cozy, relaxing season. It’ll also help identify any potential issues before they have a chance to turn into costly repairs... We're always here to help.

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