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Barrie Real Estate

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Comfort, Trust, and Benefit, is right here...

Barrie Area MLS® Listings, Waterfront Properties, and Luxury Homes are available. Save time, energy, and frustration from searching other websites for properties that may already be sold... learn more

Power of Sales are properties that have been seized by lending institutions and are currently listed for purchase. They can be difficult to find because these types of homes are not as abundant as regular-type properties on the market... learn more

Barrie Condominiums are very popular within our real estate market. Condominiums can be apartment style homes in high-rise buildings, or in the shape of townhouses within complexes. Do you aspire to this type of lifestyle? learn more

Fixer Uppers, Handyman Specials, and Tender Loving Care homes exist within the Barrie Real Estate market... If you're looking for a property such as this then our "Spot On" Home Hunter is for you... learn more

REALTOR'S® are actually entrepreneurs running their own small business, but work under a brokerage office name, which holds the REALTOR'S® license allowing them to trade in real estate... learn more

A Free Home Evaluation will determine if your home has gone up in value. Answer a few easy questions about your property and we'll do the rest... learn more

What is your commission fee is a common question from Sellers. Buyers wonder if there is a cost to them for utilizing our service, and how do we get compensated. These are excellent questions...learn more

Home Insurance companies have tightened the rules. Without home insurance, a buyer cannot obtain a mortgage, and without a mortgage, the transaction falls apart... learn more

Are you married? Did you have a big wedding? Did it cost thousands of dollars? Even if you're not married you can probably relate to this... learn more

If you're considering selling your home or investment property with a local brokerage office then you also need to consider which brokerage to use. Here are some common myths to consider so you can make a knowledgeable decision... learn more


Barrie Real Estate

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