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Surveys have shown that today's Internet users skim quickly, rather than fully read, and miss out on key information and opportunities. Since you're already here, our 'fun challenge' to you is to read to the bottom, sit back and consider, and then take advantage of some worthy benefits...

Below are a number of useful items of assistance... and all that we ask in return?... is the 'opportunity' to give them to you...

1. Would you like up-to-the-minute photos and details of available properties? Condominiums, Power of Sales, Waterfronts, Luxury Homes, Country Homes, Fixer Uppers, and other MLS® Listings, are popular Barrie Real Estate market searches. We can fulfill your needs including the areas of Innisfil, Essa, Angus, Springwater, and Oro townships. Keep abreast of the newest inventory with our "Spot On" Home Hunter. You'll receive instant notifications when new opportunities hit the market.

2. How about an on-line 'Home Evaluation'? Market prices are rising and you might want to know what your home is worth. Simply advise us of the common details, and unique characteristics, and we'll send you a summary of the marketplace.

3. The menu items above contain even more valuable topics chock-full of useful information... especially the 'Tips' and 'About Us' page... take a peek, and then scroll our "Five Star Reviews" as well.

4. And, whether your purchase or sale is fairly soon, or still in the future, more than likely a REALTOR® will be helping you at some point. Have you decided how you'll choose that person so you receive the best deal possible? Rather than leave it to an informal meeting from an 'open house' you visit, or someone knocking on your door cold-calling in your area, why not interview us for the job just to see if the comfort and trust we try to emit enlightens you. Although we're strangers to you right now, you might find that 'friends' are close by. Our information sessions are always free, and there's no obligation to continue on afterwards, and no pressure to buy or sell quickly. You gain knowledge, insight, and ideas, which are so critical to acquire at the 'start' of your venture, rather than later on. We streamline a path to your success and answer all your questions. We like to meet at a local coffee shop where it's a relaxed atmosphere... and we'll buy the beverage too. All in all, this is a pretty nice offer with absolutley zero risk.

You came here for a reason... hopefully we've helped so far... Dialing 705-722-5705 is the next step... thank you, and 'All the Best'

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